Romanticisation of Mental Illness, Kelsey Weaver

This really hit me hard jesus christ.

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How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child! - King Lear (re-imagined).

Queen Lear - Maggie Smith
Goneril - Kristin Scott Thomas
Regan - Samantha Bond
Cordelia - Samantha Morton
Gloucester - Judi Dench

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When fashion and conservation and history collide


Since it’s Earth Day, here’s some fun earth facts for ya:

The Conservation Movement that brought things like national parks, environmental protections, Earth Day, etc. was in part because the immense popularity of feathered hats at the turn of the 20th century drove bird species to near extinction.  


you guys

Burr was like Hemingway, way before Hemingway

"Took a nap."

"Walked in the rain."

"Thought much; concluded nothing."

his writing style is so startlingly modern and minimalist

and Hamilton is all like

Blah blah "my heart bleeds" blah blah obscure classical reference blah blah inappropriate joke blah blah seventy-five page tirade

they should write a novel together, alternating chapters

it would be either an avant-garde masterpiece or a total disaster

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just a PSA to arthurian enthusiasts everywhere:

Modern readers, I’ve found, are much more quick to condemn L&G’s adulterous relationship than medieval writers were.

Every damn time I teach Malory, students keep falling back on the argument “but if it wasn’t for those two, the whole house of…


Can we just take a moment to appreciate how diverse all the female body types are?

Up until recently it seemed like there was just a stock body shape for shows, and now I’m seeing so many different ones and it makes me happy. It’s just really lovely.

Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors both created by pen ward. Natasha Allegri is the creator of bee and puppycat, Rebecca Sugar is the creator of Steven Universe. Both have worked on Adventure Time as well.

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i’m quite amused by david tennant to be honest. besides the fact that he’s a brilliant actor and a gorgeous man, he’s also a hotter woman than me i mean



he looks like Lorde

Does that make him a Time Lorde?

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